At the beginning of the month, I get several credits put into my Commenting Account. Today 44 credits were assigned to my Commenting Account. I assume these come from the credits I earned the previous month with WA sales etc.

When I try to split the credits up they disappear.

Today I was given 44 credits. I wanted to send comments to four different articles. However, when I requested 5 comments (10 credits) to the first article, all of the credits disappeared and only the request for 5 comments went through.

This has happened several times in the past.

Do I have to use all of the assigned credits on one article?


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kiliwia62 Premium
First, no, you don't need to use all your credits in one article. This might be a technical issue as someone mentioned and I do encourage you to solve the issue by asking Support.
Tezsie Premium
I´m with drjec, ask Support.
drjec Premium
I have never seen this happen when I have requested comments. I think you should write to support.
accad Premium
Can this be a technical issue?
littlemama Premium Plus
He should ask Site Support or Kyle.