Hi! Anyone is selling clickbank products?

I wonder why many clickbank product's video sales page does not show the add to cart button.

There is no way for people to check out. That affects conversion as people would leave even if they want to buy.

This happens to most clickbank product's videos sales page.

There is only one video. And I play it for 10-15 minutes, still no add to cart button pops up.

This happens when it is the first time a person visits the page.

Only on the second time a person lands on the page, can there be a add to cart button showing up.

That's a weird tactic.

Anyway to solve it?


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ParthaB Premium
Hi Isaac,

I've found with the Clickbank video sales pages, sometimes there's a text link right below the video (although this is often hardly noticeable, which as you say doesn't help with conversions), or just clicking on the video will direct the user to the payment page.

However, many of the programs also offer a text version of the sales page, with a separate hoplink, which can be found inside the affiliates area.

I've even found the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the video sales page with some products, which requires scrolling down the page, but once again it seems to make the user almost have to search and work hard to actually purchase the product.

Additionally, depending on the program, and its popularity, you may even be given an alternative by emailing the vendor.

Sorry, not a great help I know, just my experience.

YvonneBray Premium
I wish I could help you I have just signed up to click bank and I have to watch the videos before I can offer advice. Sorry