I canceled billing, but I'm considering renewing. However, if I look at the option to renew, I am seeing a charge for 161 Pro Rated Discount. What is that? My subscription is already paid until November this year.

Can you please help me understand?
Thank you

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Dale123 Premium Plus
It means it's discounting the amount that you've already paid. So if you renew, you won't be charged for the days up until November that you've already paid.
NicoleD9 Premium
Thanks! :-)
AbieAJ Premium Plus

It means system would work out how much you paid and needing pay, the difference in value is then prorated.

As you joined WA in 2014 or any other date you became premium at or afterwards, if you have had a grandfathered offer and now you cancelled billing, that will be terminated, at renewal, the current full price will apply.

Until another discount offer becomes available, for example a black friday sale, then you can change status.