I purchased a bridge cable but found out that does not transfer programs. I am especially worried about my the licenses. do you have any suggestion that doesn't cost a fortune?

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CathAnon Premium
That's a hard question to answer as we don't really know what computer you have, the programs you want to transfer across, whether or not those programs allow for a migration etc.

If it's just files (like word, excel, .jpegs, etc etc etc), you can just copy them onto a flash drive or the cloud and load onto your new machine.

If it's software like your antivirus and such, you need to reinstall them on the new computer and apply your license there. This is deactivate your old machine's licenses.

If all that is too fiddly, the really best option for you will be to take your computer to your local computer geek shop and have them transfer your programs across. Their rates should not be expensive at all (less than a hundred dollars for sure).

Just make sure you go to a reputable one (the likes of JB Hi Fi usually recommend good local tech support that you can trust ... walk into their shop and chat to their IT sales staff ... that's one way of getting free IT consultation to know what to do next ... hehe ... or better yet, ask the shop you bought your new computer from).