I'm going to be traveling for much of the next three months. I'll have WiFi, and I should be able to move forward with my certification training, and to knock out a few posts a week that are relevant to my niche and my site, but I won't be able to get to many emails/questions/comments/reviews....

Suggestions about what I can do to keep current and stay a valid member of the community?



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benandnili Premium
Enjoy your time!!! You will NOT lose "progress". For example, I built a site and then had to walk away from it for almost 6 months as we were moving and some life changes. I went back to the site and I had gained over 12k post reads and generated quite a bit of "ranking". Part of the equation requires time!
Belden22 Premium Plus
Maybe you should keep some great notes and take a lot of photos and when you get back, you'll be a mad man as you have a huge amount of things to share.

Where are you going, if you don't mind me asking?

Melissa901 Premium
I am not sure how to answer about the email and keeping current.
But I do want to wish you a great time. Have fun.
DEversley Premium
Hi Tim!
Enjoy yourself!
Just set aside some time for WA and you are good to go.
Writing and sharing your experiences can be a good way to stay current and engaged. That's your call.

All the best!
buffetearns Premium
Have a good trip Tim!

I usually use my iPhone for everything, checking emails, questions, comments.

It can be done if you have the time.