i want to watch a training tutorial and the video is just gray and the circle keeps spinning in the middle. i clicked the

edit: so i was gonna type "help button" but every time I type the letter "h" the whole screen messes up and random letters start appearing. is this site broken now after that latest update or something? everything is inferior to the way it was before. i had to type this somewhere else and then copy/paste it here.

but back to main topic. i clicked the help button and found the article to install flash media, so i downloaded it, videos still won't play.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Kent,

Here's what Kyle suggests about this: Hope you find this helpful.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, that's a bug awaiting a fix. Management aware a resolution is on its way.
JeffreyBrown Premium
You might also try to clear your cache!

KeyToSuccess Premium
Hi, I have tried training videos, i have no problems. Help is working too. Try to sign out, and sign in again; or restart your computer. Maybe it will help.