Why videos might not work?

The reason videos may not be working for you is because you have a web browser that does not support HTML5 or Flash. Most current versions of browsers work, but there are a few strange cases.

What should you do first?

The first step is to make sure you have an up to date browser.

Our suggestion is to use FireFox which is one of the worlds most compatible web browsers and it's totally free to download and install.

Installing Firefox + Flash

1 - Download and install FireFox here: http://www.firefox.com
2 - Open Firefox then visit the Flash install page here: get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

After installing FireFox and Flash, you should be able to view all video's at Wealthy Affiliate, Youtube, and any other website out there!

Google Chrome - Some video's work, some don't

Try turning off Google Chrome Hardware Acceleration

Google Chrome has a featured called "Acceleration" which can cause some issues with video play on Youtube and here at Wealthy Affiliate.

To turn off Acceleration open your Google Chrome Settings

Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Hardware Acceleration

Having a Different Issue?

If you are having a different issue and you have FireFox or Google Chrome installed then please let us know and we will be happy to work you through the problem. Video is very important and it will simplify and allow for the best experience here at Wealthy Affiliate. We want to hear from you if you cannot play video's. There is always a solution that we can help you with!

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oneleo Premium
Hi, after editing About Me and Privecy Policy pages i am not able to see the content of these pages on the main home page, But when i search these pages in search option, i reach to the pages directly.
Please help me to fing contant of new pages on the home page.
Bossmode Premium
Just tried to watch the video of 'The Basic Process of Earning Revenue Online,' and the video had no sound. I use google chrome. To fix this issue.

1). I went into my google settings.
2). Clicked on show advance settings.
3). Then under the heading SYSTEM; I unchecked the box next to Use hardware acceleration when available (REQUIRES CHROME RESTART);
4). Clicked on requires Chrome restart.

Tried the video again, and voila it works

Try this if you have GOOGLE CHROME
Racquel05 Premium
Lesson 6 on setting up SEO just randomly went silent around the 10 minute mark. The video was still playing, just no volume. Tried to pause and adjust my volume down then back up and replay but no luck, I have all the latest computer updates, so I know that isn't it. I just skipped to nxet chapter and will try to view it again later
I just fried my computer. It was time for up date.give day are two get one. He testing my faith love ya lord. For year now nothing went wright you sure you want me on the team. I'll be your team player you have. I realize you have good team.just wait
the first problem is the failure to view the packages in the video. is there any way to recieve the intended msgs?W hich examples do you have for a new member to learn from as to use this website resourcefully? Lastly what are the advantages of uploading to premium while some one is still new on board?
onmyownterms Premium
Commenting to close this out from the unanswered question queue, this Starter Member is no longer active at WA.