Hello Carson,

I did not know that I signed up automatic billing, please refund my full 1-year membership fee.
I realized that my credit card was billed today. I have already canceled my membership.
Kindly refund all my money.

Adeyinka Charles Agunbiade

I have sent the above message to billing@wealthy.com since Nov 27th. Please, I am in a terrible financial situation personally, kindly give my full refund.
Your understanding and cooperation will highly appreciated.

Adeyinka Agunbiade

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apache1 Premium
If you looked into your account setting under membership it will show you the yearly amount you paid along with when the next billing date is. It is obvious this was not looked at.

You are responsible to look into your financial situation and should be aware when payments are due. Normally there are no refunds as per the agreement you made when you sign up.

However, if you feel you deserve a refund pm Kyle not here as we can't do anything about it.
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Adeyinka --- just so you know, everything is pretty much available on the platform for you to access, including your accounts.

As for your request, you will need to do this yourself on-line and also send a pm to Carson with your particulars ...

here's the post for you to cancel and stop billing .. all the best to you ... :)