The yearly premium membership say's 1 free domain. Is that actually not the case. I tried to get the free domain with my membership and my free 28 credits. But it say's I need 30 credits to get it and support tells me I need to earn more credits to get it. Did I miss read it?

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TenNStew Premium
I have contacted Kyle and Carson. There is supposed to be a free .com domain with the yearly membership. You get 28 free credits for the domain which is $14, but the purchase with taxes is 14.69 so 28 credits does not actually get you the free domain because it wants 30 credits.
lesabre Premium
Hi, if you need to register a domain it will cost you between 13 to 16 dollars per year. The .com domains are more desirable.

ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Are you trying to register a domain with a .com TLD or some other TLD?
leoemery Premium
With the yearly premium membership you get 1 free .com for a year plus 100 credits you can use for site comments and site feedback - I would contact Kyle
webcash2us Premium
Not that I'm aware of unless it's something new. Domains generally run $13.99 a year depending on .net, .com, .org, etc. I have 3 and each cost me on top of the premium membership cost
, but they're hosted under my premium membership free and I get all the training and help I need at WA.