I received a phone call from someone who said I needed to go to www.searchenginestartup.com and pay them either $300 for a lifetime or $30 a month to get my website indexed on all search engines my question is are they legit or just another scam

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Andy3568 Premium
I have never heard of them, but you absolutely don't need to pay anyone to get your site indexed. Google will index your site automatically. Bing and Yahoo will as well, or you can check out this lesson from Kyle on how to let them know about your site: This searchenginestartup sounds like a scam to me.
Kyle Premium
Absolutely not, any company that is soliciting you by phone should be ignored. That is scuzzy sales tactics and these types of companies reach out and take advantage of folks that are typically new to the business.

You do not need it and these companies that "index you into search engines" are a complex hoax, you are going to learn how to naturally get indexed into Google, Bing and Yahoo (which own 99% of the search market),
MBrunelle Premium
thank you very much
HBPRO Premium
Awesome quick response, Kyle!