I feel I have failed, something is not clicking. I have been doing what Kyle has said in video, for some reason I believe I missed somewhere between the setting up Niche on website because I got to 6 and I did try to do what suppose only there was a problem, I think I may have not trash the places suppose to trash taking out your heading I think and added new one. Hope you can understand, I got frustrated. I don't want to quit! Will you help? Oh yes I have been asked a question and I been getting feedback from a server saying it was not delivered.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Diane,

You have to take things one step at a time. If you don't follow the order of things laid out in Kyle's training, of course you are going to run into problems. When you run into problems, don't quit... start over again.

You could always write in Word and then copy and paste that into SiteContent and go over your post again there, if you want. That way you might be less apt to make a boo-boo... maybe.

Hope this helps you.
DianeCarter3 Premium
Thank you Triblu, I went ahead and made a new created one so hopefully it will work. :)