I see annual fee $359.00.
told that fee is $299
still looking for monthly pay setting.

Need help.

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DavidPadkin8 Premium
Hi Sanford Aka Morpheus

Wealthy Affiliates has two price points Starter membership costs you $ o free to join and learn free to stay forever .With restricted Access
Premium membership costs you $ 19 the first month if you take advantage of the 59 % discount during the first 7 days after joining and $ 49 the following months on going .
I paid by Master Card and have it deducted each month
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Sanford,
Sounds like you have already been helped. Just let me know if you need anything!!!

Tried and True

lesabre Premium
I could not come up with the three digit number so I am on a monthly plan. In the end it costs more, but my disability check does not give me too many options.
BenjisDad Premium Plus
You should see a red upgrade button that you can click. The fee is 359 minus what you have already payed for the month.

299 is the black Friday deal in November.
bigrog44 Premium
I usually use my PayPal card. It's set to come out a certain time of the month.
SanfordC Premium
got it, i paid with credit card. My paypal not set up with WA yet.