I know WA has pretty good security when it comes to your WP site, so I'm more focused on various other aspects of the business, from email accounts, to social media, to PayPal, to affiliate programs, etc. What are the various security systems out there to use, such as password management and generation (the only one I can think of now)?

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Joshua2765 Premium
You mentioned a password management system. I just checked, and I have over 106 different accounts or websites that require passwords, including personal, banking, business, home management, etc.

There is no way that I can remember that many unique passwords, since you don't want to use the same one for all your accounts.

Two highly rated FREE managers are Dashlane and Last Pass. There are many others, as well.

I chose LastPass for my solution. I am able to have 106 UNIQUE passwords, and I can change them as often as I need to. The system generates the passwords, and I can control the length of each one. I can also do a GLOBAL change where every one gets changed with the touch of a single key. If you are struggling with password issues, consider one of these solutions.

Hope this helps you.

AdeRobinson Premium
Thanks, will take a look.
SmallBizGuy1 Premium
1. Main computer hardwired to router, no WIFI
2. Main computer connects to web via VPN
3. Updated virus protection & regular scans
4. Usernames that would be hard to guess (never admin or my name)
5. Spreadsheet with usernames & passwords out of order so it would be useless to someone else
6. Home security system with cameras
7. Offsite backups
8. Quarterly remote scans from ControlScan for credit card processing PCI compliance (provided by payment processor)
9. Wordfence plugin on all sites

Really one of the biggest things is having usernames that are hard to guess. Brute force attacks still happen. Of course the obvious, limited plugins and daily updates to all sites.

I hope this helps you.
AdeRobinson Premium
That's a lot of security. Especially the home security system with cameras. But thanks for the info.
SmallBizGuy1 Premium
Yeah - I'm not paranoid or anything LOL!
GailLowe Premium
I can't help with this one I'm afraid but I am looking forward to the replies from people who can. Great question. Thanks. Gail