Hi everyone
I used to have a website in the past (15 years ago, not as sophisticated as this WA site and the sites that spew from here) and I knew how to get these statistics but in the passage of time I have forgotten. So can someone tell me:

1. How high is my website ranked?
I used Alexa for this in the past. I used Alexa this time and my site is not
ranked. I reckon that either:
(i). My site is too young, about 2 montrhs, so is not old enough to be ranked or
(ii). I am not using Alexa properly.
Quite a few of my pages have been indexed by Google so I thought the site
would have some sort of rank by Alexa, no matter how low.

2. How many visitors I am getting on my site.
I have signed up with Google Analytics (I have 2 sites). Can someone tell me
how I can get this information (and others) from Google Analytics?

Thanking you in anticipation.

Aubrey Schultz

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DCaribbeanQ Premium
You could also try Jaaxy. That will only show if you are on page one however. Unless you upgrade to premium.

Candy Benn
JeffreyBrown Premium
Aubrey, also make sure that you have lots of relevant content!

AbieAJ Premium
Hi, please check below resource from Jay's live events