I wish to provide hosting as part of my business. Could you guide me through how I may offer this service on WA platform?

Candy Benn

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jghwebbrand Premium
This is an interesting question. We have no experience with this. But are curious who this would actually work. So if you would use your WA membership to host other's sites. we are wondering how to login would work. This is something we haven't thought about so are interested in learning from your responses.
DCaribbeanQ Premium
Some members use their membership to provide hosting. This will be a first for me which is why I asked the question.

I have some ideas but no experience.

Candy Benn
ParthaB Premium
Hey Candy,

Do you mean you want to host wesbites for others via your Premium Membership?

If so, there's 3 ways that I would do it.

Plus, don't take the prices I state as final, these are just examples, charge what you want.

1. If you want to offer a straight up hosting service then I would charge annually.

It would be the same as shared hosting, which you can get for around $2.50 - $13 a month.

So, I'd go in the middle somewhere, lets say $8.

That would mean $96 per year.

Plus you get the SSL certificate with siterubix hosting.

You could offer the equivalent of Domain Validation certificate, which typically costs anywhere from $8-$60.

Again, I'd go somewhere in the middle, so let's say $34.

So, your total is $130, I'd call this $129.99 for annual hosting with SSL certificate (really sell the SSL certificate - "Protects Visitor Data, Your Website is marked as secure, can help with SEO).

Now this is what I would offer for a brand new website, or fairly new, or low traffic site.

You can then simply increase prices based on age and traffic (so, even though everyone gets exactly the same service, you can have a tiered set of prices based on monthly traffic, obviously remember the 250,000 max unless you upgrade to Premum Plus).

So, a website receiving 10,000+ monthly visitors you may charge $199.99.

A website receiving 25,000+ monthly visitors you may charge $249.99.

And so on (remember I'm just making prices up as I go along, although I feel their fairly accurate. I'm sure some members charge these fees on a monthly basis and somehow "get away with it")

Don't forget this may involve domain/nameserver changes, etc. I'm sure there's training for that here.

Basically, the domain will need to show on your domains list (I think), someone else will know that better than me.

2. You could offer a website creation service plus "FREE" one year hosting.

So, you price the hosting exactly as above and you charge additional for creating a website.

Let's say you purchase the domain name, set up wordpress, add an About Me page, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer Page (based on niche). You create the content (using the templates in SiteContent).

You could charge say $399.99 and say this includes a year's hosting.

You then provide WP username and password (which you create in Site Manager).

You could also charge extra for "SEO work", so installing SEO, Image Optimizer, SiteKit plugins.

You could even take it a step further and charge for analytics (you create a new gmail account and set up GSC and GA).

The price obviously goes up with the greater service you offer.

3) You can do exactly the same as number 2, but say you only offer hosting for the first 3 months.

This way you can charge a slightly lower price, say $249.99 and after 3 months you can "free up your hosting" so you can do this again and again.

That's just a few ideas.

As I say pricing is down to you.

You'll have to research further, but these are the oprions I would offer.

Hope that helps.

DCaribbeanQ Premium
Hi Partha,

Thank you very much for the great response. You gave far more than I expected and I am extremely grateful. I will be employing several of your suggestions.

Candy Benn