I just gave a comment in "Site Comments" for a post about Anti-theft Backpacks - Are They Really Worth Your Money that said it was supposed to earn me $.50 which I didn't receive. This has happened before (only a time or two) for whatever reason I don't know.

I don't know if you can do anything about this but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask?


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suzieq Premium
Hmm. Good question. Did it say if your comment was accepted or rejected?
If you still have issues, I'd email Carson and ask.
Good Luck,
Wayne66 Premium
It seems to have gotten back on track but I think I'm still missing one. It's only $.50 so it's no big deal.

The "Accepted" or "Rejected" part doesn't seem to play a roll in whether or not you get paid. At least that hasn't been my experience.

I might send a note off to Carson anyway just to see what he thinks.

Thanks, Wayne