Hello there Site Support:
This is an inquiry as to the proper steps to take when leaving WA perhaps for a time or permanently.
1. What happens to the websites we own that are in WA servers etc. ? Do we retain any rights or ownership to these websites?

2. Please send instructions or guidelines as to what steps to take concerning leaving WA permanently or temporarily.


Joe Joson

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GeoffreyC1 Premium
Your website will be held for 60 days, so if your intending to be away longer you might want to move it to another hoster, or at least make a copy.

You need to cancel your automatic subscription renewal, so that the money isn't taken out of your bank account.
JosonInc Premium
Thanks for the feedback Geoffrey!

ChrystopherJ Premium
This question has been asked to the Community and not to SiteSupport.

When you leave WA, you will lose access to your account and your websites will go offline.

A backup will be kept for up to 60 days, should you return.

The correct steps to take are to backup your websites, fully, and to migrate them to another web host, if you want them to remain online.

SiteRubix subdomain’s cannot be transferred to another host, as they belong to WA, but the website content belongs to you.
JosonInc Premium
Thank you for this feedback Chrystopher. Truly appreciate it.