So I understand the importance of having a Google+ account as explained by Kyle in trainings, and I have mine set up. I post every one of my articles on my account.

I know this might be a dumb question but I'm gonna ask it anyway......

As far as google ranking goes, how important is it to have a lot of followers on Google+? Is it enough to simply post articles as mentioned, or is it more beneficial to have an active community where people follow you and view the articles?

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ownonlboss Premium
The reasoning behind Kyle (and also Jay of Magistudios) is that with posting your posts to Google+ and fetching your URL and that story, your posts will rank far easier and faster on Google.

The second reason for having social media is simply to engage in a community and get a following to be able to promote your links towards.

If you want to create a following in any of the social media platforms (g+, facebook, twitter, pinterest etc), you will have to be active in them. It is a rather time consuming process, but it can be done.

It helps a lot however if you post your posts with some form of introduction (blog title | blog description; your engagement text + link).

You can learn more about this at: Steven
bmatson12 Premium
Thank you Steven
Armlemt Premium
One way of getting your posts on Google+ is to join communities that fit your niche. You will meet new people this way and others will follow you because you are in the community.

Don't discount having people at WA follow you. You'd be surprised how many people here are interested in what you have to say, or will know someone who will be interested and pass your site along.

With social media buttons on your website, you will also pick up followers. Some people may not sign up for emails but will follow you on social media.

Best of luck to you and Merry Christmas!

DianneBee Premium
Not sure...I have followed many WA members on G+ but rarely see them there. I like the posts of all I recognize but get very few likes back. Still trying though!
Karlito76 Premium
If you have a large following it helps get your material get out there and the more +1's you get the more credit you get as an author. It helps build your authority in Google eyes. At least that is my understanding of it.
Flash4 Premium
Good question, looking forward to someone advising us
I rather gather you will get followers from your posts. Anyway I hope so.
Cheers Jae