Can you help with this? You can see on my "domains" what the situation is.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Jules,

Please contact SiteSupport to see if they can offer you assistance.: and please DO provide them with as much detail as you can so they will be able to assist you quicker.

If you are not receiving the verification email, check another email address that you MIGHT have used. The first website I transferred here, I kept telling SiteSupport that the verification email was NOT being sent to me from my provider.

SiteSupport suggested I check other email addresses that I MIGHT have used to register the domain originally, and SURE ENOUGH... they were right. All of the (SEVERAL) verification emails were sitting in another email inbox waiting for me to click on it. Once I did that... POOF! Issue solved.

Hope you find this helpful.
julesnp Premium
I will definitely check this Trish. I thank you very much and wish you a great weekend.