Let us look at this issue i think is very important

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AlexSol Premium
I know that many Eastern European and African countries are on Paypal's blacklist because users in those countries were responsible for most of the Paypal's scams and frauds. I am sure Paypal would love to expand and be available in every single country in the word - but they are a big corporation and they know hoe to calculate their risks.
Hi Canuck,
i must say that you have made a nice description of scam issues of some users of paypal, resulting in the their countries being blacklisted, i still think that it would'nt be fair to punish a whole country for attrocities commited by few individuals, there should be a way of punishing those individuals involved in such acts.
jeffreyhuan Premium
There are a lot of affiliate networks that support other payment methods like Payza and check. It is not that convenient without PayPal but this will not kill your business. You can also check out Payoneer that lets you accept payments through bank transfer.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Sam.

In what context? I'm sure PayPal has international agreements with various countries on tax, banking etc etc - as it would need to have to link in with people's accounts in those countries. For those that it doesn't, I'm sure they have their reasons.

Like any business, it is driven by constraints which will allow it to be more successful, and would drop anything that could impact on that - including in their case, the inability to negotiate with various territories.

The unfortunate outcome from this is, people from those countries trying to break out of the poverty, or whatever other fences surround them, can't do business on eBay etc - so while we take selling or buying something from eBay as a given, others where PayPal can't operate may not be able to buy and sell as easily as we take for granted.

We're far from one race, one planet, living under one sun. That's a really sad thing to say.

All the best, Mark
Well i don't know the basis of paypal accepting a country to be supported in their system, I still think that some of these countries not supported have high online entrepreneuership appetite compared to some supported countries.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - yeah, I would agree with that.

I'm not sure what a marketing group could do to change that - I think it needs government to make changes to the way it operates internationally, before the likes of PayPal will start engaging in business with them. That really is unfortunate - because it drives a wedge between people who can do this, and people who want to, but cannot because of where they were born. That really is sad - in this day and age, no-one should be excluded from anything anyone else has access to.