I am currently welcoming new premium members and something fishy happened and it is happening repeatedly.
There is a new premium member called ArticleFreak (ranking26562). When I click on his name to welcome him, I end up on my Site Content. This is Freaky..... I tried it many times and it repeats itself all the time.
Can you please check why this happens?
I thank you very much.


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MarionBlack Premium
It appears that there is no such member, Jules. I used the search box at the top of the page and there are no members here with a username starting with "Article".
julesnp Premium
Good day Marion,

I thank you for your quick response. I have done the same verification but this "Fake member" showed up when I was welcoming a few members. And even this morning (East Coast US/Canada) I saw the same one again. I really do not know what this is. This morning, I used the Say Hello link and I wrote "GO AWAY" and the member appeared again but was faded, as if already "welcomed". ??? Mistery???

Thanks again Marion and have a great day evening Marion.