Hey WA! How are you guys doing? Hey, listen, I need some community backed pep talk: I set up my blog ThatToyDad.com about four years ago. It's doing okay, and it's still making me about $1k a year, even though, and here's the kicker, I cannot manage to get motivated writing articles and really start working on my blog again.

And, seriously, I don't know why: I know that Affiliate Marketing works (my blog is living proof), it keeps making me money. Not enough, though, so I should be motivated more than ever.

But for whatever reason I can't convince myself to get going again and start working on my blog... I just renewed my membership; I just need some motivation!

Wealthy Affiliates, do your thing :-) Kick me :-P

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Look at the reasons for starting your blog. Does it make you happy ? Are you able to experience self-satisfaction when you blog? Do you write from the heart about how much joy a simple toy can bring to someone(child or adult)? Do you enjoy having a toy and sharing with a child?
These are all questions you need to ask yourself.
ChrisDE Premium
That's some great feedback, Jerry! Thanks, I'll think about the questions you mentioned!
ChrisDE Premium
Thanks guys for all your kind and helpful comments. I'm going to look into the Affiliate Bootcamp now. Here's my (Work In Progress) mission statement I came up with so far:

"RockItFromHome.com - Passive Income For The Rest of Us" will be there to help moms and dads looking for more financial independence and more spare time to spend with their kids becoming their own boss, building their own online business and living the financially independent lifes of their dreams."

Thoughts? :-D
AndrewMichae Premium
Hi Chris,

I like the RockItFromHome vibe. Helping others with avenues for creating financial independence sounds like it has a great set of wheels to keep you moving forward. Inspiring.

All the best. It's looking good
ChrisDE Premium
Thanks for the "good vibes", Andrew :-)
nathaniell Premium Plus
Why not take ALL that money and start outsourcing? Reinvest in your business. Just do keyword research and editing, and have someone else do the heavy lifting. Maybe some of that progress will relight the pilot light and get you going.

Or start a new blog about something that interests you more. Keep your Toy Day site on the back burner for now, while working on something more interesting. Your creative flow from the new site may spill over some motivation to the new site.

This happens to me all the time. It's natural. The key is to keep moving forward in some way. Any way! Because giving up completely is not an option.
ChrisDE Premium
I started outsourcing content for ThatToyDad back when I was more active, but I wasn't really sure if the investment would really pay off... I'll definitely check out your guide! Thanks!!!

I like the idea of starting something new (that others have mentioned as well, thanks to all of you!) - I'll look into the Affiliate Bootcamp now - And I can feel how the excitement of building a new blog from scratch kicks in! Feels good :-)
JeannineC Premium
So what does interest you? What do you want to write about? Maybe it's time to write about something else and let this one just stay as it is for a while.

It's very normal to want to sort of burn out on a topic, at least for a while, but since you already know that you know how to make a site successful, it's time to start a second site where you can once again have fun writing and make even more money!
lucbizz Premium
It seems to me, you need to start over in a completely different niche where you feel passionate about and want to tell the whole world. If you have that drive and spark again, you might want to write also for your other site. Since that is making money ,you want to keep that alive. Believe it or not, while it should not be the main drive, making money with it is a motivator too.:-)