I just created my AdSense account. I notice the ads on my website are not relevant to my niche. Is this normal? Is there a way I can customize the category of ads that appear?

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accad Premium
DMcCalister Premium
Congrats on your AdSense results, driving traffic to your site is the key to success online. See Marion's message regarding how AdSense works and you should be thrilled.

All the best!

MarionBlack Premium
Adsense ads are relevant to the viewer. So they will show ads related to your niche and also ads that are related to your readers browsing habits. You will see different ads to those that your readers see.
Armlemt Premium
I've never heard of any way to customize the ads that Google puts on your site. Have you tried searching for training and/or blogs on the subject?
Elijah1916 Premium
There's no way you can alter the ads given to you by Google. They do make it more relevant anyway. I found that infolinks ads are usually more relevant, but they are a bit disturbing.