Can we buy a domain with WA Domains & have it pointing to a landing page outside of SiteRubix, eg an affiliate landing page?

If so how do we do that?

Also with that domain can we still also create email addresses?

Many thanks

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ChrystopherJ Premium
You can yes, you can either change the Nameservers, if the other end provide that option to you, or you can provide the CNAME or A Record values to SiteSupport for them to update on your behalf
BrigitteB Premium
Thanks Chrystopher :)
Not sure we're talking of the same as I'm not really understanding.

But just realised my domains through WA do have a settings dropdown.

I'm thinking the Redirect option is what I need to make my domain go to someone elses landing page thus masking my affiliate link. What do you think?
ChrystopherJ Premium
If the other site doesn't allow you to use your own domain name with the landing pages, then yes, the redirect option would work :-)

You can only point that domain name to the one page though, if you intend to use that domain name to go to multiple domains, you might want to keep it at WA, but then use a 301 Redirect plugin, or the Pretty Links plugin, or Rank Math's Redirection feature, etc.