I made a WP theme using Artisteer. I uploaded it to my test site on WA. Anyone ever use that program? I think I will not use the theme i made but will use the Header Logo as i love it.

Can anyone point me to materials on importing a header/logo to a more conventional theme from StudioPress, Woo or ithemes?

Anyone else ever use Artisteer?

Anyone recommend a VA who is experienced in this? What would you think is a fair charge for this?

You can see my logo at http://testing-here.com/

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TheCatherine Premium Plus
Actually you can do it yourself. I am going to explain it to you if you don't understand how to do it then please ask again. Open your blog and then use a screenshot or take the snipping tool available in Windows and make a copy of the page. Open it up in paint and then crop the image save as a JPEG and use as normally I have used
artisteer many times, but not for a long time it may be that if you open up the program you can click on header and download it and save it as a JPEG which would be easier.
If neither of these methods work send me your email address underneath and I will do it for you and send it to you
BrianHiker Premium
unfortunatly the edge is rounded. I think I will try to use Gimp or some other photoediting softwared to merge the text.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Open the rounded image in gimp. Copy the colour and make a background layer the same color once your rounded header is on top and merged then it will be a normal header.