I am a few steps away from launching my blog and wanted to reach out because I share many products from Etsy sellers and am really hoping to get approved to their affiliate program.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you would be willing to share on what they might deem mandatory in order to get approved.

Should I apply via ShareaSale or Awin or both?

I have read a few people say they recommend applying right away, even if you don't have a lot of traffic or are new, but thought I would check to see your thoughts.

I have about 10 blog posts and a lot of information on each seller that I share in addition to the blog posts. I was hoping to apply in time for Christmas, do you think they will approve if its only a month or 2 since it's been advertised?

Also, they mention they don't want you only writing about Etsy products. Does this mean they like if you're an affiliate on other websites too?

One last thing, do I need to ask each Etsy seller permission to use their photos on my site when I'm linking products to their Etsy shop before and/or after being an affiliate?

Thank you so much for your time. I hope you are having a great day!

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nathaniell Premium
Personally, I prefer Shareasale to Awin regarding the platform, but you may want to email Etsy's affiliate manager first to see which one they plan to stick with, or if either one works.

I think as long as you have some content on your site, you are OK to apply. You may get rejected, but you never know. Even if you get rejected, you can always reapply later. They won't give you a lifetime ban or anything like that.

Regarding asking each seller for permission, you should definitely ask each seller first. Most people will be happy to have someone trying to promote their products, but you never know!
JohnGreg08 Premium

I use ETSY affiliate and I can only do it via Awin.

I believe Awin will ask you $5 deposit, but it will be in your balance once you signed up.

I tried to sell facemasks lol. I did FB ads to get traffic. I spent more on ads vs. commission so keep that in mind when you decide to use paid ads.

Know which products are worth selling.

cwb237 Premium
Hi John,

Thank you so much for your reply!

May I ask how new your blog was when you applied to their program?