I was editing a word document and sudenly all the content on it went out,now not a single letter on the document.Any help how to restore the document?

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AJAbie Premium
Hope this has been resolved.

In future you can click CTRL + Z to undo in Windows or Command + Z in macs - while still in page.
MAXINEG Premium Plus
Sonto's answer should help you out.

sonto Premium Plus
Go to file on 'Word', press the info tab. Go to manage files, and click the arrow down. You will find a button that says, "recently unsaved files". I hope this will help you find your document.
Newme202 Premium
Word automatically backs up it content
You can however do these steps to see if you will get your document

Open a new document
Click file
Go to recent
And see if your documentbis there
I hope this helps