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February 21, 2021
Yes I'm so excited! I'm back at WA and ready to rooooooooolllllllllReady to start working hardReady to start keyword researchReady to blogReady to ask and help anyone I'm so readyyyyyyyyyyy :)Let's do this!
April 23, 2019
Hi everyone,I hate to break the news but I have to leave WA community, at least for now. My life is taking me into a different direction and I have to leave. I promise that if things don't work out I'll be back in a hurry. Thank you for all the friendships and the sharing of information and flirting and cussing I mean hustling. I'm going into music and I hope to make it otherwise I'll be washing dishes. You can find me on facebook at instagram at https:/
Like a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich I have just completed level 5 of the training. My eyes hurt, my fingers cannot stop typing, I just ate dinner and I have a ton of cool and helpful blog posts on my site. "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I don't want to lose control - I mean yes I want to lose control with quality traffic!!!!!!!!! oh yeah! sing it with me!Thanks for all the help guys and all the motivational posts - I hope I can motivate somebody out there with this - now o
February 01, 2019
Hello there, I just want to make a quick apology to everyone that has connected with me. I have been very busy the last several months - almost gave up on WA, then I got laid off, found another job and came back to WA to finish my courses and continue to work on my site. I have answered all my emails and are now following everyone that is following me as a courtesy. I wish you guys success and I hope we build long term successful businesses here at WA.Cheers,PG
Hi there, I just want to share my experience and my progress so far here at WA. I'm continuously working on my site - I love the way it looks but more importantly I'm getting a slow stream of traffic for right now. I just finished recording part of my courses, trading part-time and continuously making progress on the site by writing more posts and building more pages.I have most of the foundational pages set and plan on adding videos to get tons of traffic. Also, I have been working hard to get
September 06, 2018
Hello there, I just wanted to share my experience so far with my website and with WA. It took me a couple of weeks to get the site exactly how I wanted it - I'm not too tech savvy yet but it's looking great! I'm so proud. I've have had very little traffic but I know how to fix that and I'm definitely working on creating more content to get more traffic. I'm also working on an options trading course that I've been working on for some time and can't wait to get it online.I see all kinds of posts
September 05, 2017
Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anybody can see this post (I'm still new and testing things out). I'm thinking about doing a blog on options trading and giving out free advice. I have a small account that I personally trade with and I have been trading for almost 5 years now - that includes paper trading as well. I have bought 3 major programs and several online courses as well. If I create a blog though, how will I make money? does anybody make money with blogging? if so what do you recommend ple