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Joined September 2009
* Frets: real name ... Bill
* Based in Carrollton, TX (northern suburb of Dallas)
* No Internet Marketing experience, but 15 years in IT and being married to a copywriter gives me a cursory knowledge of the industry ... maybe?

1. Replace my wife's income and allow her to return home to tend to our 3 children (11, 9 and 6) ... the house runs better when she is in it !
2. Eliminate / Minimize current debt.
3. Replace own income.
4. Use current 9-5 income (midrange computer (AS/400) programmer) to completely eliminate debt (mortgage) and provide ample educational resources for future expenditures (see: 3 kids!)
5. Quit current 9-5 gig.
6. Enjoy wife, family, kids and travel.

At some point, it is also my intent to get wife involved in Internet Marketing as I believe it could propel our ministry to heights we never thought possible!

Hobbies include all things NFL, golfing, cooking, travel and like to mess around with trying to learn the guitar ... try to mix in some reading when I can (mostly self-help, spiritual).

Love getting to know people. Consider myself an open book, willing to answer any questions about myself ... and tend to think I can do the same of others.
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henim Premium
great and welcome, this is an interesting activity and a lot to learn, I have learned a lot since I joined and it is growing
Skybound Premium
hey Bill - So we've both been here for over a year and are finally ready to rock this thing!
ptcaesar Premium
Hi Frets:

You like many of the things I do. I love the NFL and my Redskins. I used to play golf but knee problems stopped that. I am a fan of Gordon Ramsey and Hell's Kitchen and wish I could travel more but need money to take care of family situations.

I have no internet marketing experience and am proceeding very cautiously. Sounds like you are a Cowboy fan. Looks like they are off to a bad start. They are supposed to have so much talent, what do you think is their problem? The coach? I know they did not play their best football when the Redskins beat them and their last game with Tenn. was strange. You must be really bleeding for them.

The Cowboys have a loyal following here in the DC area. I see many cars flying the Cowboy blue star and many more wearing Cowboy gear. I wonder of you see anybody down there wearing Redskin gear?

Frets Premium
Yeah, I'm a huge Cowboy fan. Not sure of the problem. I think its the staff, there all good guys and easy to like as people, but I think they lack an "edge" ... and these kids need that in a way, I think. We'll play better soon, but it might be too late by then!

Don't see much Redskin apparel down here ... most folks here will still say the Skins are our biggest rival, but the Eagles have closed that gap a bit lately.

Lot of folks here were hoping Shanny would end up here, but I'm not one of them. I'm more in the Dungy, Cowher or Gruden camp.
ptcaesar Premium
Wonderful! Family is so important. When you discover how to get your wife involved in internet marketing, please let me in on the secret.
jenntara Premium
thanks for the welcome frets i also big NFL fan the gaints 1
jets #2 but of the past 3 weekend have only watch 2 games
do to the great wheather and the boat is still in the water
The goal for next summer is to sit on the beach with the laptop and crack this buss out big time
thanks for the welcome agan
dark affiliate Premium
Hey Frets, whats occuring? :)
Hello Frets, welcome to my short but great buddy list. I know you will accomplish all your goals because it seems you are determined to do so, and you are a member of WA. Great set of goals by the way. Welcome aboard.
birman7 Premium
Hi Frets, Beautiful family. My husband is named Bill, so I am already sure youare a great guy. Stay in touch
eddie van aken Premium
Hi Bill
Accepted you as a buddy. lets stay in touch, and help each other in this learning curve.

anddzimm1 Premium
Hi Frets,
good set of goals. There is a lot of info here at WA and there is also a lot of help. I think you'll be able to accomplish all you've got listed there:)
MGCurtis Premium
Hey frets, how are you man. Thanks for requesting to be buddies. I accepted you.
Mr.Q Premium
Welcome to WA,
When I first joined WA I didn't have any experience in this industry either. After a month with WA I gained enough knowledge to start writing articles and creating my very first web page, I still currently under construction with my web page but, I'm near completion. Just wanted to encourage you to work hard at what you set your goals out to be.

Talk to you soon,
JimPie11 Premium
I think that is awesome that you posted your goals right on your WA space. You aren't too far from me, I'm in Lawton, Oklahoma at the moment.
WRI Premium
Bill, thanks for the buddy request. I do indeed hope this IM adventure helps your with your ministry !
Adi2008 Premium
Thanks for the buddy request Bill, good luck here at WA.
reefswimmer Premium
hi Frets
glad to be buddies. Great focus group, WA Article Writing.
Diane, reefswimmer
thesue Premium
This article club is bringing in lots of new friends. You gradually get to know people by the forum comments. Wouldn't it be cool if we could have a virtual classroom and talk/chat together?
Robg1 Premium
Hi Frets. Yes I am in the Article club too! It is a breath of fresh air to be quite honest. I have been a member here for one year before and now for nine months and got nowhere. The main reason is that I was always drowning in the sea of information that is available here. Consequently I was finding it hard to stick to one direction and focus. This time I just see the tasks and do them and don't look at anything else that might distract me. I am determined to follow this one through and believe that by doing so I will see results. Fell free to pop me a question any time! Cheers. Rob
Brownie54 Premium
Hi Frets
I added you to my buddy list. Thanks for the help on the email issue.

Ed Sponsler Premium
Terrific Goals. (Have you been looking over my shoulder?) I'm a sysadmin and have always enjoyed my work, but family is better!
Banta Premium
Thanks for passing by and hope w'll get more to
share at WA.

Let's stay in touch.
Whoa! I hope you don't do that very often...sitting on the railroad tracks. You might get that run-down feeling! hey, thanks for the invite!
Frets Premium
Thank you so much ... they are what makes me tick!

HUGE Cowboy fan! Though I should probably be a little embarrased by that right now ::: sigh :::
mavsfan Premium
Hi Bill - I just wanted to say what a beautiful family you have. I note that your hobbies include all things NFL - does that mean you are a Cowboys fan? I no longer live in that part of the country but have been a Dallas fan since 1990 when I first came over from England. Just curious...

Shaselle Premium
Hi Bill thanks for the buddy click and Welcome to WA. This business can be your ticket to reach your goal. I was a real newbie 6mos ago and I must say I've come a long way. Learn, learn and learn the lessons here. Our WA community is very supportive and helpful. Good luck.
veronica.l Premium
Thanks Bill. I am excited about the training, got my writer so I am ready to go... Best of luck to you! I am sure you will reach those goals before you know it.
andys43us Premium
Thanks for the invite Bill. All buddied up now.
stegmasterj Premium
Hi Bill! Welcome to WA. Thanks for adding me as a buddy. I suspect we might have a little difference of opinion in NFL teams, but that's ok. Your goals look a lot like mine, for me this is something that is very enjoyable doing and family is number 1 in my book. Good luck and if you need anything, I'll be happy to try to help.
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Bill. Very happy to be buddies.
Kewl Web Premium
Hi Frets. Thanks so much for the gold and the buddy request. I am using WP and I'm learning about plug-ins so I thought I could share the info. with the community.Wow you are really lucky! Your wife is a copywriter - that's one of the most important things about IM - good copy-writing! I' am sure you are going to do well here. Cheers. Devan
niquegre Premium
Love your 'about me.' Can I borrow your Goals list, at least 2-6 (minus the wife, LOL)?
Frets Premium
Go fer it! There's enough here for all of us, right? Welcome aboard and thanks for buddying up!
sandy Premium
Great Goals.. Everything appears crystal clear to you!
Frets Premium
Thanks man ... sometimes things get a little foggy tho ... glad to have ya as a buddy.
famousplumber Premium
Those are lofty yet attainable goals! You, Sir, are a winner!

Larry (famousplumber)
maureenhannan Premium
Thanks so much for the really kind comment on my blog post, Bill! I value the feedback. :-) ~ Maureen
BradB Premium
Hi Bill nice to meet up.

Added you per request.
Sounds like you have a real solid "Leg-Up" here in this industry already.

WA is a decent place to put a lot of the many pieces to this puzzle together.
I'd offer help like so many do, but I'd just end up adding questions to yours so I hope you do real well real soon.

See ya around the forum.
webkab Premium
Great Goals Frets. I think I'll copy a few of them. Besto fo luck to you.
iFaith Premium
Hi Bill. Thanks for adding me to your buddy list. Your goal list is specific and makes achieving them easily targetable. Great hobbies - sports, golf, cooking, travel - all buyers markets & great IM markets to go into. Your hobbies can be your IM ticket towards profits. Many blessings on your IM venture and happy trails with your family! Take care.
iFaith Premium
Glad to be of help Bill. We sometimes forget that our biggest asset in choosing niches are our hobbies. Being passionate and enjoying what we do and translating that into IM can lead to a very profitable and long lasting business online. Micro niche your hobbies and you could have yourself a winning combo - hobby + business. Cheers and best of luck to your IM ventures!
Frets Premium
Wow! So simple I pretty much overlooked it. You're right .... those things are marketable items aren't they ... thanks for the insight. Look forward to more communique'
klrrider Premium
Hi Bill and glad to have you as a buddy. Wish you the best!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
osotomayor10 Premium
Those are some great goals you have set for yourself, I wish you all the best I know you can get there!
chateau Premium
Hey Bill,
Nice intro with great background! You just may think about updating your WA Space's Accreditations, Websites, Resources and SkillSets because it looks as if you may have a number of entries there!

All the best,
music_mom30 Premium
HI :)