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Hi, my name is Kirk.

I have been working driving an 18 wheeler over the road for the last 11 years. Have been all over the country a time or two and then some. I think what attracted me to driving was the freedom to kind of be my own boss.

As long as I made my pickups and deliveries on time I could run on my own time schedule and not have to answer to anyone on an hourly or even daily basis most of the time. I spent a lot of my downtime in the truck over the last year trying to learn how to use my laptop to earn some extra money online. And that is how I ended up here at WA.
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JamesJ3 Premium
freebird2112 Premium
Hey James, How are things going so far? Stop into the live chat and introduce yourself when you can.
CarmenJS Premium
Thank you for the follow back, Kirk.
and best wishes to you.
CarmenJS Premium
I'm following you to get more ideas and thank you for the help
ircapat47 Premium
Hi Kirk!

My hats off to you for working OTR. I had thought about doing that after leaving the Military but decided to pursue other avenues. I KNOW that WE BOTH can capitalize on this successful venture and make it to the top!!!

See you there, Kirk!!!

nancypert Premium
Thank you for following me. I wish you all the best with your WA Journey and online business.