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I was thinking I wasn't getting enough referrals so I contacted kyle we talked about my campaigns he said it sounds like my campaigns are working than he ask to look at my review he found some thinks he didn't like about my wa review so I made the changes my referrals went from 68 last month to 153 this month that's the advantage of wealthy affiliate and the community you can ask questions when you have a problem or get stuck and you can also contact one of the ceo of the company and along with
August 30, 2016
I got a email from WordPress and I have a new user with a e-mail don't know who it is and not sure how they got into my word press any advice
August 12, 2016
I've completed my first year its been a long frustrating one but I hung in there I completed my courses I took my time to make sure I was understanding what I was doing didn't want (to start promoting my website till I felt my site was ready) learned to build my first website and how to promote it and I think the first year is about build a foundation so I am looking forward to my second year and the best think of all learned to have legitimate income online not a lot now ,but the next year wil
August 07, 2016
Has any body got a e-mail from google adwords saying you have maleware on your website, Thursday at 2:45pm they told me I had maleware site suspended than 12 hours later another e-mail re-review your site and your site is fine campaigns running again 2:36 pm Friday e-mail you have maleware so I called them a specialist told me there was male ware on two of my landing pages and I need to call my webmaster I got home from work at 9:oo pm check my campaigns working again not understanding how this
August 06, 2016
Got 1,000 have followers and counting working on getting a lot more ,been a long road but have referrals and members coming in more and more each month all the hard work is starting to pay off, I think the key to success is hard work and not given up, forrest
April 26, 2016
Here is a question my site is about affiliate marketing iam promoting wa but I have reviews on other affiliate marketing companies that are getting a lot of comments should I be affiliated with these companies too, Kyle said not to leave any money on the table and it so how many should I be affiliate with or is this conflict on interest or is this the way its done
April 18, 2016
Havent been around much lately had 13 blogs to write to finish up course 5, been spending time on my website I have 23 blogs and 6 pages so far not sure how many I should have at this point lost track, but looking forward to the promoting part I am sure that's going to be as confusing and frustrating as everythink else has been but once I finish the courses I feel like ill have a good finished product I have about 120 comments so far that's really motivating looking forward to my first sale an
February 11, 2016
I have been putting my blogs on facebook I have images associated with my blogs but when I post it to facebook a different image shows up that not associated with my blog does anybody know why that is happening because it is only happening on facebook any advice will be appreciated, thank you
February 01, 2016
well on all my social sites I have added my website as another page but I get more traffic to my personal site I have posts on both sites and when I share a post from my website it goes to my personal site and on my google plus personal site I have noticed two of posts were ranked on page 1 and 2 of google under my name and that's never happen when I have put a post under my website page and than after 4 days it was listed under my website, so in short is worth having a website page on social s
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