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Hi WA family, Do some of you feel like I feel sometimes? Sometimes I feel like, "Where is this road taking me?, or When will I get there?, or What am I doing all of this for?" Sometimes say to myself,"I need money right NOW! I want to be successful right NOW!" The reality is, for example, if I were to build a tall skyscraper with 3,000 luxury condos; paying me a six figure monthly income, what would it take? It would take money, knowledge, time, and patience. Moving forward, first I must build
Hi family,I hope everyone is doing well! Yes, I went ALL IN. I woke today and said, "I WILL DO SOMETHING GREAT TODAY!" I made the DECISION to upgrade to Premium YEARLY. Now, moving forward, it's time to immerse myself deeper into building a successful online business. To Your Success,
May 25, 2020
Hi Family, It's a struggle paying month to month. But, I'm All In!To Your Success
Hello WA family,Einstein aver, "The BEST Nation in the world is....YOUR imagiNATION!" I hope everyone that reads this blog is doing well! I'm so happy and grateful now that I'm a full fledge Premium Member within the WA Community. I want to encourage and inspire you all to embrace your imagiNation and Visualize all of the successful possibilities, and the many wonderful destinations that you will visit because you joined the WA Community. On the exact day and at the precise time, when you made
May 23, 2019
Good Afternoon WA family,I hope all is well! WOW!! I've started promoting WA as a casual conversational piece to a few acquaintances and received some really positive responses. This asured me that people are REALLY searching for a community such as WA. I merely mentioned the benefits of being a member of the WA community to a few acquaintances and that I was part of a magnificient online community. I also mentioned how it has a wondeful community of entrepreneurs, creatives, experts in all wa
Earl Nightingale avers," Success is the Progressive Realization of A Worthy Idea." WA is A Worthy Idea. Thank you Kyle and Carson.
May 17, 2019
Hi guys, Just wanted to share my excitement about creating my personal website with WA.