So I want to create an ecommerce store on my website, and I've done a lot of research regarding how to do so.

I have the WooCommerce plugin downloaded and have even added a few products from Amazon and a few other affiliates via that plugin.

I have also researched the EasyAzon plugin, and have downloaded the lite version of it. I have seen several video tutorials on how to easily add your Amazon affiiate links without ever leaving WordPress.

My main question about EasyAzon is in the tutorials I've seen, I see as i mentioned, how easy it is to add your affiliate link, say to a product review page. But what if I wanted to simply have a store page full of amazon products related to my niche. What would be the best way to incorporate that using the EasyAzon plugin?

Or should I just stick to WooCommerce?

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DianneBee Premium
That I haven't done with Easyazon. I have created a blog post with a series of images/text added, of related products, with original content in between them.
The affiliate id is embedded from the way you do settings in EA, if I remember correctly. (suddenly not sure, it's been a while).
HRMckibben Premium
Woocommerce is the best I think.
MKearns Premium
I moved to Woo Commerce and never looked beyond. It's a handy dandy plugin Betty!