I took the Blog page off of my website because I posted my posts under the appropriate tabs. Now none of the actual articles are showing up when clicking on them to read them. I added the Blog page back, but they are still not showing up when their icons are clicked on. How do I fix this?

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TedP Premium
Bryan has what is probably the easiest and quickest solution...
davehayes Premium
Good advice below and if truly stuck, submit a support ticket, where you will get the help
Bryan8 Premium
You should be able to have site support use a backup copy to fix it. Remember that your posts are actually on your blog page even if you place them in categories.
marmar463 Premium
I am sorry but I don't have an answer but you can go to live chat or the search bar or even to tech support. I hope this helps you out.
spirits999 Premium
i think make a new blog under your profile and publish it hope this helps gl