Has anyone installed Astra Theme on their website?

1) What's your experience so far?

2) What are the pros and cons of using this theme?

3) Do you get any support whenever you have questions?

4) What are the pitfalls to avoid?

5) What plugins did you find compatible with the theme with the lower risk of impacting the site performance?

Thanking you in advance


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richardgb Premium
I started with Astra and switched to GeneratePress.
Jaz333 Premium
Lots of people have had issues with the Astra theme lately due to the theme being suspended. I see Abie has already posted an article regarding this.

Personally I would choose a different theme. I use Generate Press and I love it. The premium version allows you to customize just about every area of the site you wish but even the free version offers more customize options than most free themes. It is light weight, quick, can be customized for any niche and is very user friendly.

I have also heard good things about OceanWP theme however I have no experience with that one.

Good luck!
MaggieR1 Premium
Great Shannon, I was doing a research comparing 4 different themes including, Astra, GP, Neve and Ocean Wp. It means Ill try out one of the said themes and make a decision interms of switching.

Thank you so much for input.
AbieAJ Premium
Feedback via your other question. However, Astra site is still running, unaware of their position. I would update this comment once I know more.

I did a search, this post updated two day later

Me personally, I would not go built my site knowing there may be hiccups or not along the way. I would use GeneratePress instead for piece of mind. However, that's totally up to you.
MaggieR1 Premium
Thanks Abie
It seems they have been reinstated although delisted and/or deranked from the top theme list according to this link you've provided.

I'm not sure if I should wait and see what transpires or should I try out another theme, in regard to switching...