I'm currently using the "Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer 1.9" by Peter Williams. This plugin isn't offering specific countries ie Australia. Is there a better (updated) Amazon localizer?

Thanks ~ Dee

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teacup Premium
I don't think that Amazon offers us affiliate status with Australia. That is a pity as a lot of my hits come from there. I am using Easy Azon Pro but am thinking of de-activating it again. Something is causing me problems but not sure what it is. Just be careful to get something that won't wind up hurting you.
Deezdz Premium
Thanks for this Glenda!

A lot of my traffic is from Australia also. I was hoping to sign up/include the AU Amazon but I don't see that it's included in my Affiliate Link Localizer Plug-in; and from what you're saying, it's not possible anyway.

And great advice on the plug-in..thank you! I've had no issues with Affiliate Link Localizer but I have heard a few other bloggers having challenges with Easy Azon Pro (installing etc) so I'm not likely to change.

Appreciate your help!