Hi everybody,
I was wondering if there is a program/software you can use to update all your websites from one place.
Right now I use InfiniteWP to manage all my WP websites.
When I install this plug-in using a WA built site I get this error and it doesn't allow me to install the plug-in.
"Unable to write InfiniteWP Client loader: MU-plugin directory is not writable."
Any suggestions on what programs you can use to keep all your website up-to-date?
I would love to hear any suggestions.

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keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Scott -- good question!

Just simply log in, go to Site Manager and update as needed.

If / when you do find something simpler, sure, please do advise us all ... thanks!
Aussiemuso Premium
I just update my plugins as indicated.

Lily 😊
Mark K Premium
I host external to WA, wordpress was installed via an auto application called installatron which updates wp for me and all the plugins and themes too
drjec Premium
Basically, I just go into site manager and check for product up dates or manually revise text.
merlynmac Premium
I just log in and check for updates.