I have 2 plugins for spam protection Akismet and WP spamshield. Do I really need 2 and if not which 1 would be best?. These have been installed when following the certified course training so not my own choice.

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PIOFJR Premium
SpamShield is the best for me.
geraldkew Premium
I only use Antispam Bee as per Marion, cheers!
MarionBlack Premium
I use Antispam Bee. I deactivated and deleted Akismet and SI Captcha because Antispam Bee doesn't need a captcha
vic62 Premium
WP-Spamshield is good but I am now using AntiSpam Bee as I much prefer it.
LynneHuy Premium
Akismet used to be great but has gone down recently and now you must pay for it I believe. I changed all my websites to WP Spamshield and much better.