What email address do you use in WP Admin General Settings?

Do you use a personal email address?
Do you use your domain email address?

It says “This address is used for admin purposes.”
I used a personal email address thinking it was just between WordPress & myself the site owner.
Also because gmail would only fetch up to 5 email accounts, but I can’t find any current reference to that now.

I recently found out that plugins that as part of their functionality (reason why you have the plugin in the first place) send out emails on behalf of the site using the default admin email address if they haven’t given you the option to set an email address.

My revelation came from querying the setup of a GDPR plugin. Oddly it gave me the option to set a ‘from’ email address for 2 of their functions but not the other 2.

It’s made me think what other plugins (if any) I might have with that functionality & their set up. Also what email address to use as my WP admin default as it could land up being used for different purposes.

Are there any other factors to consider?

Many thanks
Brigitte :)

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Israel17 Premium
Hello BrigitteB, thanks for asking! I used my site email rather, not the free Gmail so this shows up when I leave comments on other people's blog posts.

Israel Olatunji
BrigitteB Premium
Hi Israel, thanks for your thoughts. I thought leaving comments was linked to our Gravatar? But yes it does make sense to have a domain email address as our WP Admin default email. :)
Glen B Premium
Hi Bridget, You get more credibility by using an email from your site. Also you can set that to forward to your person address.

The problem with using your personal email is that eventually it gets flooded with emails from everyplace you go to . So using an email that you can change or turn off gives you the ability to stop unwanted emails at the click of a button.

Hope this helps,
- Glen B
BrigitteB Premium
Thank you Glen. It makes sense.

I don't recall it mentioned in the training. At the time of setting the site up there were no domain emails set up. I just never had any need to change it so never thought more of it. :)