Hello everyone, hope you are all doing great!

I'm writing a post but would also like if my posts got categorized into the menus (pages) at the top of my website.

I haven't got quite there in the training yet (I don't think I missed how to do this anyway), and can't find how to do this as I jump around and take a quick peek through future training a little bit.

Greatly appreciated as always!

- Bill

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abdul11 Premium
Marion is always there for help
BellaBill Premium
This is money! I dug around the search engine for hours yesterday before asking the question and you just end up down a rabbit hole of only kinda similar answers, or things that only sort of make sense to a newcomer going through the training.
This is exactly what I was looking for and had trouble finding.

You're a rockstar Marion!
Triblu Premium
Hey Bill,

Here's a tutorial to show you how to add categories to your menu:
BellaBill Premium
Thank you...it was a help. Much appreciated.
MepenStiller Premium
You can create any kind of custom menu you want whether it's a page a post or an external link. Just start playing around with it make a new menu in WordPress customize it however you like.
MKearns Premium
This distinction gets queried again and again. Answers can be found in abundance in the magnifying glass query bar at the top of your screen!
modelthech Premium
Great question