Hey everyone. I published my first article last week and it's still not indexed by google. Am I missing a step? I followed the instructions of the lesson. Curious as to why it's still not indexed.

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ericcantu Premium
It's really nothing to worry about :) Keep pushing forward with the training, keep learning. When you continue learning how to push out quality content, learning how to do good keyword research, learning more and more about how to fill out your site, the rest falls into place for itself. Indexing is inevitable, it's ranking that you're going to be working towards and that what this whole training is about :)
newmarketpro Premium
Sammy has a perfect answer for that..
Sammy-B Premium
That's nothing to worry about, Jeff. It can take several weeks before a post gets indexed. Some of mine did as well, and others got indexed within a couple of days. So I'm sure your post will get indexed soon, you just need to be patient.