I just got an email from someplace called Word Press - Domain Registration Corp. that says unless I pay them $86 in the next 24 hours my website domain will be terminated. My annual payment for my site is not due until August. Has anyone ever heard of this or is it just a scam trying to get my money.

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Triblu Premium
Hey James,

Having received the same emailed messages, I can assure you that email is a fraud. Always telephone or email your provider so that you know for sure.

NEVER click on any links offered in ANY such email that you deem suspicious, as doing so could compromise your device... and if your device is connected to a network... clicking on their links could compromise your entire network.

The following video may help you: Hope you find this helpful.
apache1 Premium Plus
Just spam ignore and don't click any like nor respond many get that along the way.
It is also good you already know when your payment is due some forget and click the link only to get ripped off in the process.

wishing you well

JeffreyBrown Premium
Junk--as others have stated!
phil1944 Premium
It's a common scam. Just ignore it.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi I always log in registrar where I purchase my domain and check from within Dashboard as to the authenticity before going ahead with anything.

Domain name renewal email notifications sent out before one month of expiry date.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Therefore what looks like a SCAM / SPAM.

Please do not click any links within, however rather a delete from your inbox so that no one falls victim.