I am doing lots of internal text linking on my site. Everything going along quite well until last night.

Now, when I click on the Insert/edit link button on the edit page main menu, nothing happens. My Insert edit link box does not pop up.

I also notice the Insert/edit link and remove link buttons are gray now, not black, and when I mouse over them they don't light up and get the square around them like all the other buttons.

Just before I noticed the problem, I added a new page. When I published the page and uploaded it, added it to the menu, I noticed my wordpress site hickupped.

Sorry, not a technical explanation I know, It sort of timed out for an extra few seconds. a little unusual.

Anyway, I viewed the site on line and checked for internal broken links, had one, went to fix it and that's when I noticed the problem.

I did backup as usual before I added the new page, but I don't want to import the backup unless I absolutely have to. Besides, that might not fix this issue

Has this happened to any of you? Fixes? Ideas? Thoughts?

Thanks for reading

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Christabelle Premium
So glad to hear you got this resolved and yes Ben is great, he helped me out once and was so patient! :)
bobbybub Premium
Thank you! You are the best
bobbybub Premium
Since we are on the subject, how would you go about sending in a support ticket? I have never done that
Michelle04 Premium
Hi. To send in a support ticket, you need to go to your Build My Website (in light blue on the left side) and across the top you will see: Websites, Email, and Tickets. Submit your ticket from there. :) Michelle
bobbybub Premium
Thanks Michelle! I see it. Hope I never have to use it:))
bobbybub Premium
Wow!! You two are like my WA Guardian Angels!!!!:)))

Thanks, I actually fixed the problem. I PMed Ben (Bennyfacter) a great knowledgeable guy who told me to disable my plugin's and go in and try again, then reactivate plugin's.

I don't know how, but it WORKED! So I am up and running again.

Thanks again you two!!

WillingToTry Premium
Hi Byron,
Just to share with you, I have found that a lot of problems with mysterious non-functional plugins can be rectified by simply disabling them and reactivating them.

A bit like rebooting windows which sometimes helps in clearing mysterious operating system problems :))

Also not all plugins are born equal..... as many of them are poorly coded. It pays to check their pedigree if at all possible. Sometimes certain plugins don't sit well with a particular theme or the version of WordPress you are using.

Welcome to the "plugin frustration" world! :))
bobbybub Premium
Thanks Arthur! Yes indeed, I believe you are quite right! I found that to be correct. Nice to hear from you again.

See you later Arthur.
CarlaIves Premium
I agree with Kim. Tech Support should probably get involved in this. It may be something simple that they will see immediately.
kholmes Premium
Send a support ticket in, sounds like they need to check out your WordPress.