So I type text on word press and it looks good on my mobile but then breaks up on my pc, randomly cutting words in half on my PC version. Other thing is that I try and change it to "Heading 3" or whatever and sometimes it does it, sometimes doesn't so my paragraphs look all higgledy piggeldy. Is there a remedy?

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mijareze Premium
The latest version of Wordpress is 4.2.3!
Prestones Premium
The worst that should happen is that the text should reflow differently on different size browsers, Julie. There should be no words being cut in half or random header tags.

3 suggestions:
- try reloading WordPress again. In the admin area, go to Dashboard > Updates > Re-install Now (under "You have the latest version of WordPress...")
- When the H3 header disappears, right click on the page, then click on View Page Source. Look at the HTML code that comes up and see if the header text is still shown within <h3>Header here</h3> tags. You can use Control-F (Command-F on the Mac) to help find the header in the HTML.
- Use a simulation tool to see what your site looks like on different devices. One such free tool is at

Best of luck with it!

hostelgirl Premium
Love your detailed answers Dennis. Thank you. :)
hostelgirl Premium
Just using the ones that they told use to install. Looking at my website the mobile version seems to show different font than the pc one. Any reason why that would be?
EKautz Premium
Any mobile version will be slightly different that your PC. I've also noticed that the type of monitor on each PC makes a difference too.

I've got a super wide screen and everything looks fine. Yet when I look on a normal 4:3 monitor a few of my headings drop to a second row and look really bad.

I redesigned a bit and ditched/moved some heading dropdowns to find the best mix between monitors.

To my knowledge there is not a lot of control on how a sites converts to mobile - I think it's built into the themes we choose to use.

TopAchiever Premium
What Plugins are you using in Word Press?
mjpd Premium
Can you send the website name please? Thanks