I'm looking to add a lot of YouTube videos to my WP site, but would rather not use the YouTube embed codes.

As far as avoiding the slowdown, I'm looking for feedback from people who have used both a lazy load plugin as well as code generator to create an embed code that will speed things up.

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

When you embed share from YouTube, it won't be a hindrance to your sites speed vs uploading them direct.

We have previously embedded up to six videos on a page, and there was no problem, it played great. That's using Elementor plugin.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
feigner Premium
whats wrong with using the embed code ...ok it has to load up the yt player at page load...but that can be delayed and using a3 lazyload plugin will lazy load videos as well as images...
how are you going to use yt videos without the embed code...