I did a poor jod on Key word reserch so I want to change my Domain name. I have already purchased my new name?

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DonnieK2 Premium
Rather than give you more techie information on your concern, I would suggest you review "Chee Shi or Marley2016) take on this issue and decide which one you could deal with better.
CheeShi Premium Plus
Some one else asked the similar question the other day on whether can change the domain name on the site.

Once the domain name is registered, you are not able change to it, the only thing you may be able to is to create a subdomain which may suit your niche. and post most of your articles in that subdomain.

you may create it like : xyz.abc.com assuming your domain name is abc.com, and your niche keyword is concerning xyz.

or else you create a subdirectory such as abc.com/xyz and post your articles using your niche keyword in this subdirectory.

hope this help

Chee Shi
apache1 Premium Plus
Susan (Marley2016) has you covered on this question the URL cannot be changed only the title of your website. Unless you purchased another domain.

Wishing you well

Gordon-D Premium
Go to websites under site manager. Under the website you want to move to your new domain you will see "Move". Click on that and it will take you through the process of moving your old domain to your new domain
Marley2016 Premium
I am not sure you have a question here or if you already
answered your own question.

Once you purchase a domain name on a dot com dot net
or dot org that cannot be changed you need to purchase
another with the name you want to have!

You can change the Title or Name of Your Website at
anytime you want.

So what is your question.