So I have the Ryan theme for my website. I love it. It's easy to use, and mostly I like the minimalist style.

I am looking to start doing more customization, and I see that I can upgrade the theme for $31, which would allow for a whole slew of additional customization options.

Do any of you have this theme? Is it worth upgrading? Even for those of you who don't have this particular theme, do you think it would be worth it for me to upgrade?

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DynamicDavid Premium

They have not got that many active installs yet.

Maybe ask them a technical question and see how good is the response might be in order.

If you upgrade, is it for 1 website OR for as many sites as you want?

Is the additional functionally worth it in your eyes?

Is that additional functionally available in other themes for free?

Personally I do not like the idea of paying for a WP Theme.

The one I use, also has a premium version that costs money. Lately I found out that they no longer support it. I cross the bridge of changing themes if I find out that my current FREE theme is no longer up to the job.
TDBauer Premium
I don't use that theme, but you may want to check into the Thrive Themes. I upgraded a few of my sites to one of their themes and love it. Super fast... optimized photo content... lots of features built in that allowed me to use less plugins which helped my site speed...

Best of luck!
DMcCalister Premium
If the upgrade fee isn't a hardship - it sounds like it would be well worth it... and, it sounds like you are all for it, so ...

SurfsideBob Premium
I don't have it Betty, but just did a live demo on their site. It looks pretty good, and offers XML Content imports, which allows you to set up your site just like the demo. So if you like the theme, $31 isn't bad.

I bought a bunch from Modern Themes They run $25 per theme of $59 for the entire bundle. Check out some demos there, and they also have XML Content imports. Hope this helps! :-)
JohnDen Premium
If your happy with the way it is for now, I'd say leave it the way it is.I can't speak more of it, nor have I ever upgraded other than going premium.