Hello, and thanks for reading.

I have my social share buttons set up to display on the top and bottom of pages/posts. And it works fine in every place but one.

Originally the share buttons were displaying on my "About Me" page, and my "Contact Me" page. And I didn't want that obviously. So I removed them from there by entering the page ID's into the "don't display on pages" area of the plugin-settings page.

I don't know how to accomplish this on my "Blog" page though. Because it doesn't appear to have a page ID like the others. Any suggestions.

Thanks again,


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CoachEd Premium
It should be in the sets of the plugin you are using--if it don't have a setting for each page -you may not be able to get off that one page --
Jaweda2k Premium
If you are using the Sociable plugin there should be a box on the right side in the Wordpress editor that will allow you to remove the buttons from that particular page or post.
bradleygt Premium
I'm not using that plugin. But thanks anyway.