I use the template and post to a submean and the post will not show up

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lesabre Premium
Wish I could help
phil1944 Premium
I don't understand. Do you mean submenu?

When you post, it goes up as a draft. You have to publish it (click the Publish button) before it will appear.if this hasn't clarified

It will the automatically appear as the top post of your blogroll.

And, unless you've changed it, the blogroll is automatically your front page.

Please ask more questions if this hasn't clarified anything. I may not be understanding your problem, especially as I post directly on my site. I don't use WA's Site Content tool.
merlynmac Premium
I'm assuming you used a Site Content template and you did actually publish the post correct? Did you publish it as a page or post? Can you share your site URL with me so I can take a look?
MarionBlack Premium
3 Questions:

What is a "submean"?

Which template did you use?

Where did you write the post?