Hi everyone !

I would like to place a custome widget into a specific page on my Website.

And I don't know how to do it.

Thank for your help !

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johncruz Premium
What kind of widget are you looking to ad Fatchola?
Fatchola Premium
thank you !
I would like to place some banners, or costume text on my page, when they are open, but i do not want the widget to be part of the content.
I would like to place it on the right sidebar or the center sidebar, but when done it, the widget, appears on all the pages....

you can look on my home page and get what I'm talking about.

I Would like the third right sidebar widget to appear only in one page...

I don know if I'm clear...
drjec Premium
Kmer's advice is right on. However, if you find that the widget appears in other posts or pages, you can go into those where you don't want the widget, then to the text mode and delete if from that specific page. For some reason, some plugins populate the whole site requiring deletion for each page or post.
kmer6 Premium
Good day to you, Fatchola. Good question. If you are wanting the widget to go on your actual webpage, in your post or page editor, you can switch from visual to text mode and enter your widget code in the spot you want the widget to appear.
Let me know if this helps you.
Fatchola Premium
Thank you !
I'll try it and give you a feedback.